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The Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission (VWC) implemented Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) reporting processes for workers' compensation claims for First Reports of Injury (FROI) and Subsequent Reports of Injury (SROI) using the International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions (IAIABC) Release 3 standard. Virginia FROI SROI EDI requirements are available under EDI Resources section located in the left navigation bar.

The Commission went live with EDI on October 1, 2008 with the largest volume submitters. Two additional phased implementations followed in December 2008 and March 2009. All Trading Partners were required to be in production by July 1, 2009 with EDI reporting for accidents occurring on or after October 1, 2008.

On July 5, 2012, the Commission had an All Accident EDI Mandate. This required all claims, regardless of their date of accident, be reported via EDI. For any claim that was previously reported on paper with a date of injury prior to October 1, 2008, the Commission only required EDI reporting on those that were considered open/active.

If you have any questions regarding EDI FROI/SROI reporting in Virginia, please contact us at edi.support@workcomp.virginia.gov

Additional information about the Release 3 standard can be found online at the IAIABC website: http://www.iaiabc.org/.

To become a new VWC trading partner or to update existing trading partner forms, complete the applicable trading partner form(s) located in the left navigation bar.

  • New: Completion of each of the trading partner forms provides the necessary information to establish trading partner setup.
  • Updates: Updates to the applicable trading partner forms should be made in the event that your organizational status changes. Using this form(s), you can update Contact Information, Data Transmission Method, etc. Please note that it is important to keep all information up to date.

Please be sure to check the "What's New" section of this website, located at the top of this screen for periodic updates on technical and business requirements.

To join the VWC EDI Mailing List to receive important announcements on VWC's reporting requirements, please make the request by sending an email to edi.support@workcomp.virginia.gov. Note that contacts indicated on the Trading Partner Registration are automatically added to this list.